What Should You Consider When Renting a Carpet Steam Cleaner?

What Should You Consider When Renting a Carpet Steam Cleaner?

When considering renting a carpet steam cleaner, determine how long it will take to clean the carpet and understand that the carpet cleaning solution is a separate purchase. Make sure the steam cleaner is Carpet and Rug Institute certified and make sure it is portable enough to handle easily.

Most companies rent steam cleaners for a 24-hour period, meaning the renter faces additional charges if the cleaner is not taken back within that time frame. Calculate how much carpet has to be cleaned, and rent it for more than one day if necessary.

Most steam cleaners take a specific type of cleaning solution. Be sure to use the right kind of solution in the machine, and know that this is an additional expense.

The carpet steam cleaner should be CRI certified, meaning it has enough power to thoroughly and effectively clean a carpet.

The portability of a machine should be considered before renting. Keep in mind the loading and unloading of the machine from a vehicle and remember that the weight of the machine increases when adding water.

Another important factor that must be considered is how long it takes the carpet to dry. Drying times vary with different machines and can range from an hour to 10 hours or more.