What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Used Whirlpool Refrigerator?


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The basic considerations for purchasing a used Whirlpool refrigerator are to measure the refrigerator space, ensure that the doors seal properly, inspect the features and check that the appliance is properly maintained. The exact steps to follow when purchasing a used refrigerator depend on the specific make and model.

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Begin by measuring the dimensions of the designated refrigerator space to ensure the appliance fits in the first place. Next, inspect the seals on the freezer and refrigerator doors to see that they work properly. Close the refrigerator and freezer doors on a piece of paper, and try to pull the paper out. If there is resistance, the seals are in good condition. Ensure the doors open in the correct direction before settling on a specific model.

Inspect the interior and exterior of the refrigerator to see that all the features work properly. Check the control knobs, light switches, temperature settings, shelves and drawers. Run the refrigerator to check that it reaches and maintains good cooling temperatures.

Finally, inspect the condenser coils and bottom grille for signs of regular maintenance. Look out for dirt and damage, which indicate that the refrigerator is not well cared for, that could lead to motor strain or complete failure. It is often better to purchase a new refrigerator if the used appliance is more than 10 years old. Newer models help save on energy bills, and the savings add up over time.

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