What Should You Consider When Purchasing an Automatic Washing Machine?


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Things to consider when purchasing an automatic washing machine include load type, machine capacity and the amount of floor space occupied by the machine. Also consider the machine's water and energy usage, availability of preset wash cycles, soil and moisture sensors and display type.

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When purchasing an automatic washing machine, consider whether top-load or front-load machines are best suited to individual needs. Front-loading washing machines are more energy and water efficient, while top-loaders occupy less space and are more user-friendly.

Automatic washing machines come in a variety of sizes, and it is important to buy one with a capacity that suits individual household needs. Moreover, a large-capacity machine is more efficient for washing larger items such as comforters and blankets. Also consider the water and energy usage of the machine. Some machines require a higher electricity voltage than what is available in certain apartments.

Consider the available wash and rinse cycles of the machine. The availability of soak, quick wash, rinse, cold and specific clothing material cycles is an added advantage. Consider the display type and whether a digital touch-screen display that is easy to use is important. Finally, think about the machine's design and outside finish if matching it to other appliances in the home is a concern

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