What Should You Consider When Purchasing an American Standard Thermostat?


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Important concerns when selecting a new American Standard thermostat include the family's lifestyle and cost. As of 2015, thermostat manufacturers offer more options than in the past.

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American Standard offers thermostats that are accessible from the Internet-programmable thermostats and manual units. Internet-accessible thermostats allow the user to monitor and change the temperature from a remote location. If a sudden cold front comes through the area, the user logs on and starts the heat to ramp up earlier to ensure the home is at the desired temperature when he walks in the door. While on vacation, he uses the Internet to switch the system from air conditioning to heating to prevent frozen pipes. While more expensive than other thermostats, these units offer peace of mind for an active lifestyle.

Programmable thermostats help to save energy by setting back the temperature when the home is unoccupied. Some allow programming a different schedule for every day of the week while others run a set program all seven days. Some of the more popular models offer two schedules, one for the business week and a second for the weekend. These thermostats have moderate prices.

Manual thermostats work well in homes where someone is in the house most of the time. They are the least expensive models but require the user to lower the setting when he plans to be away for better energy efficiency.

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