What Should You Consider When Looking at Cheap Used Washing Machines?

Some things to do when buying a used washing machine include checking the lid switch, listening for odd sounds and checking the agitator. It is also important to look for rust, but dents in the washing machine are acceptable, as it does not affect the performance of the machine.

To check the lid switch on a used washing machine, close the lid and listen for a click. If you hear a clicking sound, the switch is working correctly. Before buying a used washing machine, it is also important to turn the washing machine on and listen for odd sounds. Weird sounds or vibrations may indicate that things are amiss. It is also important to check the agitator; do this by twisting it back clockwise and then forward counterclockwise.

Take a look at the drum and look for rust. If there is rust in the drum, it can stain the clothing when washing. Ask to see the washing machine in action. If the washer is still plugged in and usable at the seller's house, the assumption is that it works reasonably well. If a person is not willing to allow a buyer to test the machine, the seller may be hiding something about it, and it is best to choose another option.