When Should You Consider Installing a Cast Iron Hand Water Pump?


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Consider installing a cast iron hand water pump when a well is shallow. Pumps work most efficiently when a well measures 25 feet or less but can also be used in deeper wells with high water tables. They are often installed alongside traditional municipal water systems as a backup in the event of power failure.

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Install a cast iron hand water pump on a wooden deck or a concrete slab. Kits to provide access to shallow wells are available. Pumps outside of residential settings can be fitted with a re-circulating system if well access is unavailable. Small tanks that can be buried underground can also be purchased. These can connect to a nearby water tank or collect water from a rain tank.

Cast iron hand water pumps are plated to withstand harsh weather conditions. The handle brackets are sealed to keep insects from entering the water supply, and they can be fitted with safety guards in order to prevent injuries.

Hand pumps have historically been used in residential areas to retrieve water for drinking, eating, and bathing. They are now also common in playgrounds, parks, and schools and used to gather drinking water, help sanitize hands, and fill buckets for play.

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