What Should You Consider When Choosing a Small, Compact Microwave?

Factors to consider when shopping for a small, compact microwave oven include the power of the unit, its control scheme, its dimensions and its visual appearance, such as the color and face style. It is also important to read customer and critic reviews to identify any potential issues or inconveniences.

Small microwave ovens typically mean a lower wattage, which directly affects the unit's ability to heat food and other items. As such, you should check the product information for each unit to understand its heating power and make sure that it is strong enough to suit your needs. A microwave with fewer watts may require longer to cook foods, or may not be able to perform certain tasks at all. You should also think about its control scheme, including the presence of meal presets or a temperature dial, when shopping to ensure that you are comfortable using the microwave.

You should also think about the overall size and shape of the unit to make sure that it fits in your kitchen properly. If you plan to mount the unit, make sure the model supports this installation process. Reading reviews of different models is also helpful to learn about aspects such as its longevity, ease of use over time and hidden problems such as poor construction. Consumer reviews also frequently highlight any potential safety hazards.