What Should You Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors?


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Some important things to consider when choosing kitchen cabinet colors are existing finishes, the overall style of the kitchen and trendiness versus timelessness. Some tips from Better Homes & Gardens include drawing inspiration from a favorite object in the room and trying out some samples before committing.

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Considering how well a particular color harmonizes with the other finishes in the room is a good idea, according to experts at HGTV. The colors and textures of the walls and trim, counters, flooring, window coverings and lighting fixtures should be considered. The general decor style of a kitchen is another thing to keep in mind when choosing paint colors for cabinetry. This can help people to decide whether they want to maintain a consistent motif or mix-and-match using different style elements.

Something else to consider is how enduring a particular color is. Many colors and styles are trendy for a short time, but it is good to think about whether they will have the same appeal after a few years. Using something intriguing that is already in the room as a jumping-off point can be a good idea for choosing a cabinet paint shade. Conversely, if cabinet colors are chosen first, they can inspire the paint and finishes for other elements in the room.

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