What Should You Consider When You Choose Interior Paint Colors?


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There are many tips for choosing paint colors, such as not choosing red on a ceiling, as it often creates an annoying effect, but on the floor, it creates confidence. The best tips depend on what the painter wants to accomplish.

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While many people think of paint as color, it has four important characteristics. The hue describes the paint color and its intensity refers to its brilliance, with primary colors being more intense than mixed colors. Saturation indicates the darkness of the color, so when moving from red to pink, the color becomes less saturated. Value of the color is how light or dark it is.

Paint colors look different in different lighting conditions. A color that looks great on the showroom floor under florescent lighting often looks much in the home with natural or incandescent lighting. Before committing to a color, it is a good idea to bring the paint chip or a sample of the color home to apply to the wall. Once the sample dries, the owner has a better chance of determining how it fits into the room.

Paint has the ability to change the way the brain perceives a space. Painting the ends of a long, narrow room a darker shade than the sides helps to make it appear more proportionate.

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