What Should You Consider When Buying House Doors?

What Should You Consider When Buying House Doors?

When buying a front door for a home, check out the various materials used for doors. Fiberglass or composite doors are the most inexpensive, but fail to offer the security of other types of doors. By choosing the right door, homeowners can save money on their energy bills and have a door that operates according to their expectations.

Choosing a door should involve looking at the materials and picking one that complements the outside of the home. Homeowners should choose a door that is warm and inviting but also decide on a material that helps save money on energy bills while providing the right level of security.

When purchasing a door, look for properly sealed weatherstripping and a threshold that interlocks with the bottom edge of the door. These two things prevent air from entering and exiting the home. Also, be sure to choose a door that opens the right way. Some open to the left, while others swing to the right.

Wood doors require more in the way of regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. They come in a variety of finishes ranging from pine to mahogany. When shopping for a wood door, opt for solid wood over a stock door that uses wood veneer skins placed over engineered wood. These doors warp easily and lose their good looks quickly.

Homeowners looking for a secure door will not go wrong choosing steel. Steel doors are inexpensive and are typically made with a 24-gauge skin and high-density foam insulation. Steel doors will not crack or warp like wood.

Fiberglass doors are maintenance-free and mimic the look of wood. They are an affordable choice, and the frames for these doors are usually made of wood.