What Should You Consider When Buying Coleman Pressure Washers?


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Factors to consider when buying a Coleman Powermate pressure washer include the power source, washing capabilities and the presence of features such as interchangeable hoses, wands and nozzles. Buyers should also check the accessories that come with the model and consider the size and scope of the job to determine the best pressure washer.

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Most pressure washers use either an electric or gas power source, with each offering its own advantages and disadvantages. Electric washers are typically cheaper and quieter but do not have the same cleaning power as gas motors, which makes them ideal for small household tasks and infrequent use. Some models must connect directly to an outlet without any extension cords, limiting its overall range of motion. Gas pressure washers require a special type of fuel, which may not be readily available in all areas, but offer higher cleaning powers and greater mobility.

A buyer also needs to think about the nature of the intended cleaning jobs to find a washer that has an appropriate power level. Large surfaces with high amounts of grime often require a washer with a higher pressure capacity, and thus may call for a gas engine or large electric unit. The buyer should consider the adaptability of the unit, such as through additional attachments and hoses, though these features may not matter depending on the nature of the job.

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