When Should You Consider Building a Washing Machine Platform?


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People with basic woodworking experience who have an interest in saving money often benefit from building their own laundry pedestal. Building the pedestal offers the advantage of a unit that remains useful if the owner upgrades to new machines. It also allows the builder to customize the height.

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As of 2015, a basic laundry pedestal costs from $130 to $290. Each pedestal supports a single machine, doubling the cost for both machines. Building a sturdy wooden box requires 2-inch stock, 1/2-inch plywood and some screws. Adding some construction adhesive eliminates any squeaks from the support.

Manufacturers create commercially available laundry pedestals to support a particular washer and dryer. When it is time to upgrade to a newer machine, the old pedestals usually do not work with the new machines, even if the consumer chooses the same brand. However, a properly constructed wooden pedestal remains useful through several upgrades.

Commercial pedestals normally offer a 12- to 18-inch rise, depending on the manufacturer. However, the exact amount of rise is specific to the machine. For some owners, the rise the manufacturer provides does not match their stature. Building the pedestal allows the needed customization to ensure the front-loading machine opens at the correct height for easier loading and unloading of machines.

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