What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Used Lawn Mower?


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Important considerations before purchasing a lawn mower include the size of the lawn, the type of lawn and how the machine is powered. Buyers should compare prices before purchasing a lawn mower to get the best deal.

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What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Used Lawn Mower?
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The size of the lawn usually determines the type of lawn mower needed. Small gardens can be mowed with an electric mower or hand push mower. Medium lawns, the size of a full-sized tennis court and larger, require a motorized lawn mower, while gasoline or cordless electric machines work best for large lawns.

The terrain is also an important consideration when choosing the type of mower. Cylinder mowers work well for lawns that are cut frequently because of their front rotary blade. They however do not work as well on uneven surfaces and longer, damp grass. Hover mowers are good for uneven surfaces and irregularly shaped lawns. The rotating blade on a rotary machine is located underneath the mower and works best for flat lawns and for making stripes.

Finally, machine buyers should consider how the machine is powered before making their purchase. Hand-push mowers are durable, portable and work well for small yards. However, they require the user to do most of the work. Electric and gasoline mowers are much easier and more convenient to use, although theycost more than their hand-push counterparts.

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