What Should You Consider Before Buying Used Skid Steer Attachments?


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When buying used skid steer attachments, consider the general appearance of the attachment; request an inspection report or note the condition of the attachment and its parts, checking for bends, cracks and welds. Make sure the attachment is compatible in size and capacity with the skid loader, including the required hydraulic pressure and hydraulic flow rate. Consider attachments that best match the intended use and can be used effectively without overburdening the machine.

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When looking at used skid steer bucket attachments, look closely at the leading edge of the bucket, as well as the side panels and bottom, checking for signs of wear, including cracks and welds that may signify repairs, and for the thickness of the side panels. Inspect any welds on buckets or other attachments to ensure that the work is high-quality. Also inspect the loader arms and loader lift cylinders for bends, cracks and welds.

Consider the manufacturer when selecting used attachments. It is important to know that parts are available when they are needed. Also, look at the condition of small wear parts, cylinder pins and rods. Whether new or used, it is best if wear parts are easy to access when they need to be serviced or replaced.

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