How Should You Clean White Chuck Taylors?


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Spot cleaning with a microfiber brush and a cleaning agent is the best choice for preserving the look of Chuck Taylor All-Stars athletic shoes. Avoid scrubbing too hard, try to wipe gently until the stain comes away.

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Classic white Chuck Taylors look great in the summertime, but white draws dirt like crazy. With a little effort, it is possible help keep these shoes clean for years to come.

  1. Use a stain and water repellent
  2. Prevent stains in the first place with an application of water and stain repellent. These repellents bond with the material and can, in the case of leather, help seal the pores so that dirt doesn't get ground in. Make sure to reapply every few weeks to maintain the same level of protection.

  3. Spot clean leather and canvas
  4. Take a good look at the shoes after each wearing for spots of dirt on the upper. Gently wipe away any spots with a micro-fiber brush. If possible use a mild cleaner designed for use on shoes.

  5. Clean rubber with mild soap
  6. If any dirt or stains end up on the rubber soles of the shoes, use a clean cloth and mild soap to wipe it away. It is important to avoid putting these shoes in the washing machine. The process and detergents can yellow the rubber.

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