Why Should You Clean up Messes As Soon As You Make Them, Especially Wet Ones on the Floor?


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It's important to clean up a wet mess on the floor as soon as possible due to the possibility of ongoing damage, such as the mess soaking into the carpet pad below or leaking between wooden floor joists and swelling them. If the wet mess seeps down into the floor, it can be nearly impossible to properly clean and can also result in foul odors or even attract vermin.

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On carpeted floors, wet messes can dry and become glue-like, adhering to the individual carpet fibers and making it extremely difficult to remove the entire mess without tearing the carpet. On linoleum and vinyl flooring, chemicals and dyes in everything from bodily fluids to food can discolor or weaken the flooring surface permanently, reducing durability and shine.

The best way to clean a wet mess on any type of floor is to remove any particles or pieces with a scoop, such as a dustpan, to prevent driving more fluids out or into the floor surface during the blotting process. Once that has been done, laying an absorbent cloth or paper towel on top of the mess and gently pressing or blotting to draw it up will remove most liquid. Finish with a floor-friendly cleanser or steam-cleaning machine to keep the mess from fermenting and releasing unpleasant odors into the home.

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