How Should You Clean Travertine Tile Floors?

How Should You Clean Travertine Tile Floors?

Clean travertine tile floors by sweeping up dirt and other debris before using a non-abrasive, neutral cleaner to mop the floor. After mopping, dry the tile with a soft cloth. Gather a broom, a mop, a bucket, cleaner and warm water before beginning this process.

  1. Sweep up dirt and debris

    Using a dust mop, remove any dirt or debris from the travertine tile floor. Cleaning the travertine tiles without removing debris can scratch the surface of the tiles.

  2. Mix the cleaner with warm water

    Pour a neutral, non-abrasive cleaner into a bucket of warm water. Use only a small amount of cleaner, as using too much can leave a film on the floor. Do not use a cleaner that is acidic or alkaline, since these types of cleaners can permanently damage travertine.

  3. Mop the floor

    Wet the mop with the water and cleaning solution. Wring out the mop until it is just slightly damp, and mop the floor.

  4. Dry the floor

    Use a clean cotton or microfiber cloth to dry the floor. Make sure the floor is completely dry to the touch.

  5. Apply a sealer

    Apply a sealer to the floor to maintain the shine and to keep the floor clean.