How Should You Clean Perspex?

Clean Perspex or plexiglass by choosing a cleaning solution, scrubbing the area with a rag, rinsing the plexiglass and buffing out any scratches. You need a buffer, a non-abrasive cleaner, two clean cloths and water.

  1. Evaluate the dirt level of the area

    Inspect the dirt levels on the plexiglass to determine what to use for cleaning. A little dust only requires water, while thicker layers of grime require a cleaner.

  2. Avoid certain cleaners

    Avoid using cleaners that contain abrasives, solvents or ammonia. For instance, do not use traditional glass cleaner, acetone, halogens or ketones.

  3. Wet the cloth

    Get a non-abrasive cloth for cleaning. Wet it with the water.

  4. Add the cleaner

    Place a little cleaner on a small portion of the wet cloth.

  5. Scrub the plexiglass

    Scrub the plexiglass with the portion of the cloth containing the cleaning solution. As you scrub, rotate the cloth to a clean side, and add more solution.

  6. Wring out the cloth

    Wring out the cloth, and add more cleaner as needed. Continue this process until the entire area is clean.

  7. Rinse the area

    Soak a new cloth in clean water. Rinse off the plexiglass with the cloth until all the cleaning residue is gone.

  8. Buff out any scratches

    Buff out any scratches using a buffer.