How Should You Clean Your House?

Clean your house by first dusting all of the rooms from top to bottom, and then making the beds. Clean mirrors and the insides of windows followed by all flat surfaces. Scrub where necessary in the kitchens and bathrooms, sweep and mop hard floors, and end by vacuuming all carpets.

  1. Dust the entire house

    Take a static or feather duster, and dust each room in the home from top to bottom.

  2. Make the beds

    Make the beds, changing the sheets if necessary.

  3. Clean mirrors and glass

    Carry one wet and one dry microfiber cloth from room to room, wiping down and drying mirrors and windows.

  4. Clean surfaces

    Wipe down all flat surfaces with a disinfectant wipe. Work in an orderly manner from one room to another. Include doorknobs and light switches, and spot clean walls and cabinets where needed.

  5. Clean bathroom fixtures

    Spray cleaner in the sinks, toilets and tubs of all bathrooms. Return to the first bathroom, and scrub and rinse fixtures in the order they were sprayed.

  6. Clean kitchen fixtures

    Clean the kitchen sink and the inside of the microwave. Spot clean appliances that are dirty.

  7. Sweep and mop hard flooring

    First sweep all of the hard flooring in the house. Then mop.

  8. Vacuum all carpets

    Vacuum all carpeting starting at the farthest corner of the house and working toward the door.