How Often Should You Clean a Farberware Coffee Maker?

The Farberware user manuals for both the five-cup coffee maker and the 12-cup coffee maker state that consumers should clean the appliances after every use. Other than maintaining hygiene standards, this also helps increase the service life of the coffee makers.

Disconnect the Farberware coffee maker from the wall outlet and allow it to cool before cleaning. A moist, clean cloth is suitable for cleaning the machine body and warming plate, while hot, soapy water is preferred for cleaning the carafe, measuring spoon and filter parts. If there are stains on the carafe, remove them with baking soda or a gentle detergent dissolved in hot water, keeping in mind that an overnight soak may be necessary for persistent stains. Ensure all parts of the coffee maker are thoroughly dry before putting them away for storage.

The Farberware 12-cup coffee maker has a built-in clean function. To use this, fill the water tank with diluted vinegar or a descaling product, put the carafe on the warming plate, then press the "clean" button for a few seconds to trigger the cleaning cycle. Refill the water tank, this time with only plain water, and run through a brewing program, sans coffee, to complete the cleaning process.