Why Should You Choose a Top Loading Washing Machine Over a Front Loading One?

Why Should You Choose a Top Loading Washing Machine Over a Front Loading One?

Benefits of a top-loading washing machine that may make it preferable to a front-loading washing machine are its layout, often cheaper cost, simple operation, shorter wash cycles and flexibility of detergent types. High-efficiency top-loading washing machines are also available for great cleaning performance.

A top-loading washing machine enables the user to add and remove items without kneeling or bending over. This may be highly preferable, especially for someone with back problems or other health conditions.

A traditional top-loading washing machine generally costs much less than a traditional front-loading washing machine. Older top-loading models are particularly affordable in comparison to front-loading washing machines.

Operating a top-loading washing machine is generally easy and intuitive because of its uncomplicated control panel, and some people may prefer the shorter wash cycles of a top-loading washing machine, compared to a front-loading washing machine. A top-loading washing machine can use any type of detergent, while a front-loading washing machine may be limited on the types of detergent it can use.

Though more expensive than a traditional top-loading machine, a high efficiency washer may be preferred because of its greater cleaning capability and energy-efficiency. These machines can accommodate large items and use less water than a traditional machine.