Why Should You Choose an Electric Heat Pump?


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In the right areas, heat pumps offer homeowners efficient heating and cooling. While they might cost more that other heating solutions up front, those in temperate or warm areas can pay less for their heating.

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Heat pumps extract heat from outside and use electricity to transfer it indoors. Unlike resistance electrical heating systems, heat pumps can be among the most efficient heating solutions available. However, their performance varies with the temperature outdoors; in especially cold areas, there is little heat in the air outdoors, forcing heat pumps to use more energy. Most heat pumps also have an emergency mode in case they are unable to keep up, but it uses far less efficient electrical resistance.

Almost all heat pumps can also be reversed to transfer warm air outdoors, which cools the structure. This versatility allows homeowners to install a single system capable of supplying efficient heating and cooling. In cooling mode, heat pumps offer efficiency comparable to air conditioners, so those who live in warm areas may find heat pumps to be a wise investment. However, homeowners who rarely need heating may be better served by using a traditional air conditioner that also provides resistance heating if the cost to install a heat pump is high enough.

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