Why Should You Choose an Electric Furnace Over a Gas Furnace?


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Electric furnaces are cheaper upfront than gas furnaces and have a longer life expectancy. The installation process for an electric furnace is cheaper and, compared to that for gas, poses less risk to safety.

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Electric furnaces pose less risk of carbon monoxide poisoning than gas furnaces. A gas furnace constantly emits low levels of carbon monoxide because it makes use of an open flame. It requires frequent attention by professionals to ensure the furnace and ventilation are functioning properly with no leaks. Electric furnaces, however, require less attention and last between 20 and 30 years, compared to the 10 to 20 years a gas furnace will last. Gas furnaces take up more space than electric ones as well.

Electric furnaces can be more expensive to run than gas, but lack of availability of gas and the prices in a given area can make electric the better, and sometimes the only, option. The price of gas varies depending upon location and high prices may mean it is cheaper to go with electric than to save money on the electricity and pay more than is saved to a gas company. Electric systems run more quietly than gas ones and provide more than enough heat in all but the most frigid of climates.

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