Why Should You Choose an Electric Dryer Over a Gas Powered One?

The reason an individual may want to choose an electric dryer over a gas dryer is because electric dryers have a lower up front cost, have several models available, don't require much equipment to operate and can be installed anywhere. A gas infrastructure is necessary for a gas dryer.

Electric dryers are more affordable than gas dryers, but gas-powered dryers are less expensive to operate in the long run. Because electric dryers require more energy, they can sometimes cause more wear on clothes. Electric dryers can also undergo faster wear and tear when compared to gas dryers.

An individual who doesn't have the proper infrastructure to operate a gas dryer has to have it installed, which can be expensive. This extra expense can cancel out the less expensive operating costs of gas dryers. Liquid propane gas stored in a large tank can be used as an alternative to having a gas line installed. Properly maintaining and repairing a gas dryer also calls for a specialized technician. Maintenance and repairs for gas dryers are usually more expensive than electric dryers.

Specific features such as moisture sensors, noise reduction and automatic cool-down are often desirable no matter if the dryer is electric or gas. Steam cycle is another desirable dryer option, but can be expensive.