What Should Be on a Checklist for Deep Cleaning a House?


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Items that should be included on a deep cleaning checklist for a house include cleaning baseboards, removing cobwebs and cleaning the inside and outside of all drawers and cupboards. Cleaning light fixtures, washing windows and cleaning blinds or curtains should also be included.

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What Should Be on a Checklist for Deep Cleaning a House?
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Deep cleaning checklist items for a kitchen include washing the inside and outside of the refrigerator, scrubbing the counters, and cleaning the stove, oven and drip pans. Depending on how thorough the deep clean must be, cleaning behind appliances can be included. Things to add to a bathroom checklist are removing mildew stains from the bath or shower, sanitizing the toilet, shining the mirror and polishing the fixtures.

Floors throughout the house should be cleaned, and dirty carpets should be shampooed. Walls, doors, light switches and face plates should be washed. Trash in the home should be removed, and displayed objects should be thoroughly dusted and nicely arranged. Wood furniture should be cleaned and treated with an appropriate product, and all furniture should be wiped down and washed if needed. Deep cleaning should also include laundering rugs, towels, pillows and bedding, as well as replacing broken or worn out items.

The entrance to the home should not be left out of a deep cleaning. Add sweeping the porch, dusting for cobwebs and cleaning the front door to the checklist.

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