What Should Be Checked Before Buying a Used Auger?


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Fastener tightness, belts, chains and oil levels should be checked according to the Texas Department of Insurance. If the auger operates with gas or fuel, the buyer should check for leaks. If the auger is electric, the power cord should be checked.

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There are multiple types of augers, including agricultural and plumbing options. If the used auger is agricultural, the drill bits for the auger should be inspected for dull or broken areas. If no bits are available with the auger, new bits are going to be necessary. If the auger is an electric-powered plumbers auger, the attachment point for the power supply or drill should be inspected.

If the buyer is unsure what specific points should be checked, checklists are available for various types of augers. The buyer needs to know the type of auger and the power source in order to find an appropriate inspection checklist. These checklists, such as the one available from Advantage Equipment for combine inspections, are available through a variety of agricultural supply stores and manufacturer websites.

When possible, the buyer should ask for a demonstration of the used auger to ensure proper operation. If this option is available use the demonstration to check for odd noises, smoke, leaks or disruptions in the power supply.

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