How Often Should the Chain on a Remington Pole Saw Be Replaced?


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The chain on a Remington pole saw should be replaced if it is cracked or if the longest part of the cutting tooth is less than 4 millimeters. The teeth reach this level usually after being sharpened several times.

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It is important to sharpen the chain w as part of a saw's regular maintenance. A chain needs sharpening when it produces sawdust rather than wood chips, emits a burning wood smell, cuts unevenly or requires bearing down on the chain saw in order to cut. Each chain saw model requires a specific round file and file guide for sharpening, which is listed in the owner's manual.

Another maintenance tip to keep the chain in good shape is to the file the depth gauges. These determine how much wood the chain saw cuts with each pass of the blade. It's important to keep the depth gauges filed so that the teeth do not cut too deeply into the wood with use.

A chain saw's tension must be checked periodically, or if the chain saw is new, it should be checked even more often. The chain stretches when the saw is used, and if it becomes too loose, the chain comes off the bar.

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