How Should You Care for Newly Installed Sod?


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To care for newly installed sod, water the sod three to five times daily for the first one to two weeks. During the third week, water the sod one to three times a day every other day, allowing the sod to become dry enough to mow. After the third week, water the lawn one to two times a day every other day. Water the sod every two to three days, or whenever it appears dry, after the first month.

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Immediately water the sod to a depth of 4 to 6 inches after it is installed, or until the sod feels spongy when it is stepped on. When the sod is 3 1/2 inches tall, allow the lawn to dry slightly, and mow it. Do not cut the grass below 2 inches during the first year, and replace sod that is accidentally pulled up while mowing.

After the first month, water the lawn deeply on a regular schedule. To prevent run off, turn the sprinklers on for half of the usual time, and wait for one hour before running the sprinklers for the remaining amount of time.

Water the lawn during the early evening or early in the morning to reduce water loss caused by evaporation. If brown or dry spots appear, adjust the sprinklers or watering schedule.

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