How Should I Care for Frieze Carpeting?


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To clean a frieze carpet all you need is a vacuum and a carpet rake. You can also hire professional carpet cleaning services every once on occasion a thorough cleaning of your carpet.

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It is easy to clean a frieze carpet as long as you have the time and the patience to do the repetitive tasks. First, set up your vacuum cleaner. Be sure to use a brush attachment that is right for the height of the carpet's frieze pile. It is also recommended to use a vacuum beater brush or a brush that rotates or can be turned off. Make sure that your vacuum is high quality since cheap vacuums cannot do this job very well. Next, you can proceed with the vacuuming, making sure that you get every spot. After vacuuming, use a carpet rake to go over the entire floor area. Be sure that you rake all the remaining dirt away from the carpet. After raking, you can vacuum again, but raise the height setting of the brush, this time vacuuming to maintain the shape or texture of the carpet as well. All it takes is patience, because cleaning frieze carpets is a tedious task.

Spills are unavoidable, if something accidentally spills on your carpet, make sure to blot it dry as soon as possible. Make sure to have a carpet cleaner on hand, because you will need it after blotting the liquid on the carpet dry.

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