Why Should You Buy a Rheem Furnace Warranty?

Why Should You Buy a Rheem Furnace Warranty?

Rheem suggests buying its Protection Plus extended warranty to protect customers in case of a mechanical or electrical failure in the furnace. Both parts and labor are covered under the extended warranty for up to 10 years, depending on the chosen plan.

In addition to full coverage of parts and labor, the Protection Plus extended warranty offers on-call convenience. With this service, customers only have to call a participating Protection Plus contractor once. The contractors handle all the details. The repairs are also guaranteed.

The covered mechanical and electrical failures in the furnace include the compressor and heat exchanger. However, if the problem is due to damage or improper installation, then the extended warranty does not cover the cost. Coverage also does not extend to non-electrical or non-mechanical problems or required maintenance.

Protection Plus does not limit the number of claims customers can make. However, if the repairs equal the cost of replacing the furnace, the limit of liability is reached.

Customers are eligible to apply for the extended warranty within 12 months of purchasing the furnace from a Protection Plus contractor. Coverage of the warranty goes into effect 91 days after purchase, though the Protection Plus agreement must be paid in full. The extended warranty is also transferable if customers sell their home. In 2015, the price of transferring the Protection Plus warranty was $25, due within 30 days of closing on the sale.