Should I Buy or Rent a Cappuccino Machine?


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The benefits of either buying or renting a cappuccino machine depend on the primary use of the machine. If using the cappuccino machine at home, buying a machine may be the better choice. If it is for business, it may be better to rent a machine.

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Using a cappuccino machine mostly for non-commercial use at a private residence may not require a professional machine. In this case, one can purchase a simple cappuccino machine for between $35 and $200 on average, as of 2015.

However, business owners either selling cappuccino at a retail business or providing cappuccino for employees may prefer an industrial-quality machine, which may cost between $1500 and $2000.

In this instance, there may be benefits to renting an industrial cappuccino machine. There are companies who lease or rent machines for a relatively affordable cost. For instance, Arco Coffee rents a three-head industrial cappuccino machine for $40 a month or a one-head industrial cappuccino machine for $22 a month, each with a 12-consecutive-month contract. This totals to $480 for the year, in which case one may be able to rent the cappuccino machine for three or four years at least before matching the purchasing cost of the same machine.

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