What Should You Do Before Installing a Toyo Kerosene Heater?


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Before installing a Toyo kerosene heater, it is vital to insure that the area where the heater is to be installed is properly ventilated and that the immediate surroundings are clear of flammable objects. It is also important to determine if kerosene heaters are legal for use in the area.

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One of the primary dangers from any type of heater that burns gas, oil or kerosene is the accumulation of toxic gases from combustion. Carbon monoxide build-up is one of the major concerns for kerosene heaters, as this gas can quickly accumulate dangerous or even deadly concentrations before people near the heater notice. While Toyo kerosene heaters are designed to vent to the outside of a structure, improper ventilation can still lead to hazardous conditions in confined spaces. It is vital to ensure that the exterior vent has adequate room to expel gases and that it cannot be blocked by trees, overhangs or other objects. If installing the heater for use with an existing chimney or vent, make sure the chimney or vent is cleared of soot and debris before installation to insure exhaust flow and reduce the risk of fire.

While most Toyo kerosene heaters do not use an open flame, the heat from the heater is still a potential fire hazard. Clearing the area around where the heater is to be installed helps insure that flammable objects do not present a fire hazard, as well as allowing the heater's vents unimpeded airflow so that the heater can heat more efficiently.

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