What Should You Do Before Building a Gravel Driveway?

What Should You Do Before Building a Gravel Driveway?

Before building a gravel driveway, strip the soil down in the area where you wish to lay the driveway, lay down a sub-base and install wooden frames. You need a hoe, a shovel, a wheelbarrow or large bucket, rolls of geotextile fabric, an asphalt squeegee and wooden boards.

  1. Remove topsoil

    Remove any weeds that reside in the area. Use the hoe to remove the top layer of soil, and set it aside. Continue until you expose soil that is light in color and fine in texture. Use the shovel to place the soil in a wheelbarrow or large bucket, and set the soil aside for a separate project.

  2. Install a geotextile fabric layer

    Use the hoe or the flat side of the shovel to smooth the soil out. Stretch a layer of geotextile fabric over the soil, and use the asphalt squeegee to smooth it out. Layer each new piece of fabric over the last piece at a minimum of 12 inches.

  3. Install a wooden frame

    Lay down 2-inch by 4-inch wooden boards along each inner edge of the driveway. Place wooden stakes against either end of each board. Use a hammer to beat each stake into the ground until the tops of the stakes are level with the tops of the boards. Secure the stakes into the boards with screws or nails.