Why Should You Get an Air Purifier?


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By removing allergens and pollutants from any environment, air purifiers can reduce allergy symptoms and thereby improve overall quality of life. Although treating asthma is a complex, multifaceted task, improving indoor air quality can certainly play a part in reducing asthma symptoms.

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Day by day, indoor air pollutants are emitted by a wide variety of ordinary objects like carpeting, furniture and housing materials. Reducing these pollutants not only contributes to better health; it also reduces bad smells from pets, tobacco and external sources. Modern air purifiers come in a variety of sizes to meet different purification needs. Portable purifiers are easy to transport from room to room for quickly dealing with localized odors and pollutants.

Though air purifiers are popular throughout the world, they are particularly useful in major cities dealing with serious air quality issues. Air purifiers can also safeguard against sick building syndrome, a poorly understood but well-documented syndrome linking specific buildings with illness. Filtration is the most common form of air purification. Purifiers that use HEPA filters are the most effective and can remove 99.97 percent of all particles measuring 0.3 micrometers. A purifier of this type works best if the HEPA filter is changed on a regular basis.

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