How Do You Shorten the Chain on a Chandelier?

To shorten the chain on a chandelier, use wire cutters to reduce the length of the electric wiring, and remove links from the chain to get the chandelier to the desired height. Account for tables or other objects that you plan to place beneath the chandelier.

  1. Measure to determine the necessary amount to cut

    Decide how high you want the chandelier to hang above the floor, and measure the distance between the desired height of the bottom of the chandelier and the height of the bottom of the chandelier as it now hangs. Move the measuring tape up to the chain on the chandelier, and use that measurement to determine the number of chain links to remove. Add a full link even if the desired distance ends up in the middle of that link.

  2. Take out the chain links

    Have a friend support the weight of the chandelier. Use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to open the gap in the links at the beginning and end of the section of chain that you want to remove. Ask the friend to push the chandelier up so that you can connect the remaining links in the chain. Hang the chandelier in place.

  3. Shorten the electrical wire

    Turn off the electricity to the circuit powering the room in which the ceiling fan hangs. Flip the wall switch that controls the lights to ensure that the power is actually off. Pull down the collar that covers the place where the wires enter the ceiling, and pull up the electrical wires to see if the slack fits beneath the collar without any cutting. Determine how much wire you need to cut in order to have it all fit underneath the collar, if necessary, and use wire cutters to snip out the desired amounts. Twist the ends of the matching cut wires together to reestablish the former connections, and cover each pair of the twisted ends with a separate plastic wire connector. Return the collar into place, and turn the power back on. Test the wall switch to make sure the connection works.