What Shops Sell Burnham Furnace Parts?


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Replacement parts for Burnham furnaces can be purchased online through general home equipment parts retailers such as SupplyHouse.com and Keith Specialty Store, as well as from specialty heating supply websites such as HVAC Plus and Boston Heating Supply. Auction sites such as eBay also frequently contain listings for Burnham parts.

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All listings on SupplyHouse.com for Burnham furnace parts contain a detailed description of the part and its function, model number, stock and shipping information and a picture of the product, if available. Users can sort listings based on several criteria, such as price range, the model for which the part is designed and the most popular items based on past user activity. Items that are not currently in stock can still be purchased, though it typically takes longer to have the part shipped from the supplier. The site also frequently offers special discounts to users who meet certain criteria, such as buying a particular brand of product or meeting a minimum order amount.

The HVAC Plus website contains listings for several Burnham boiler and furnace parts, with each listing comprised of a part number, part name and price. The site offers an online chat feature that allows users to speak to a sales representative in real time and obtain further details about products, shipping and other site details.

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