How Do You Shop for One-Piece Shower Stalls?


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When shopping for a one-piece shower stall, most of which are pre-fabricated, consider the material, manufacturer, price, color and size of the stall. If remodeling the bathroom, it is critical to make sure that the stall fits through the doorways of the home. This is not a concern when installing the shower stall in a home that is under construction.

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One-piece shower stalls made from laminate, fiberglass and synthetic marble are some of the relatively inexpensive types. They are also easy to clean, watertight and simple to assemble. The price of pre-fabricated shower units is approximately $1,000 as of 2015 but can range higher or lower, so it is best to compare prices from various manufacturers, stores and online shops to get the best deal.

Circular, semi-circular, corner, frameless and neo-angle are just some of the styles to consider when buying a shower stall. Use the shape and size of the installation area as a guide in determining the form and size of the shower stall to purchase. Choose the color based on color scheme of the bathroom. Also consider the manufacturer when purchasing a one-piece shower stall. Some renowned shower stall manufacturers include American Standard, DreamLine, OVE Breeze and Sterling Plumbing as of 2015.

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