What Is Shisham Wood?


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Shisham wood, also known as Sheesham wood, comes from the Indian Rosewood tree. The tree is native to India, Nepal and Pakistan, according to an Arizona State University resource. Shisham wood is an important wood in cabinetry and furniture making. Manufacturers and craftsmen use it to make boats, musical instruments and veneer.

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The workability of Shisham wood is one reason for its popularity with manufacturers. The wood is easy for craftsman to work with and finish in most instances, according to The Wood Database. Another important advantage of Shisham wood is its strong resistance to decay.

The sapwood of Shisham wood is straw-colored, while the heartwood, or inner wood, varies from a golden brown color to a red-brown color. In some cases, manufacturers use parts of the sapwood when creating their products. Like most species in the Rosewood family, the wood of the Indian Rosewood tree gives off a distinctive scent. Although the odor is less pronounced in Shisham wood than in some other Rosewood species, the aroma is still noticeable. Shisham wood is also similar to many other types of Rosewood in that it can cause an allergic reaction, such as a minor skin irritation, in some susceptible individuals.

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