How Do You Ship Furniture?


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To ship furniture, disassemble the piece, and wrap it in bubble wrap or mover's stretch wrap. Secure the wrapped pieces in a cardboard box, or wrap them in corrugated cardboard. You need bubble wrap, masking paper, tape, packing peanuts, a cardboard box, mover's stretch wrap and a roll of corrugated cardboard.

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  1. Prepare the item for packing

    If you can, disassemble the item. Remove the legs and other pieces that can make it difficult to box.

  2. Wrap the disassembled pieces

    Wrap bubble wrap or mover's stretch wrap around the disassembled pieces. Wrap the pieces in masking paper. Place assembly accessories, such as screws, in a zipper storage bag along with the assembly instructions.

  3. Wrap the main piece

    If the piece has drawers or other loose and moving parts, wrap them in masking paper. Secure them with tape to prevent movement during shipping. Wrap the entire piece in bubble wrap or mover's stretch wrap. If you are shipping an item that does not fit in a box, use mover's stretch wrap, and make sure the entire piece is covered and secure.

  4. Box the item

    Fill your shipping box with packing peanuts. Place the item in the box along with any disassembled pieces. Fill the extra space with packing peanuts. If the item is too large to box, wrap it in corrugated cardboard. Secure the corrugated cardboard with nylon straps and tape. Take the packaged item to your preferred shipping carrier.

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