How Do You Shine Dull Hardwood Floors?

Restore the shine to hardwood floors by removing dust or dirt using a vacuum or dust mop, cleaning the floor with a hardwood cleaner, and buffing the surface of the floor until it is dry. The amount of time needed to complete the process depends on the size of the room.

  1. Remove dust and dirt from floors

    Before attempting to damp mop the floors, remove all dust and dirt. Use a vacuum or dust mop to remove loose accumulations instead of a broom that sometimes scratches the finish. Adding moisture to the existing dust robs the floors of their shine.

  2. Use the a hardwood cleaner

    If the floor is new, check with the manufacturer, who might recommend a specific cleaner for the floor, as most manufacturers offer proprietary brands. Otherwise, use a hardwood cleaner that's designed for floors, and follow the instructions on the bottle. Avoid using too much cleaner, as buildup can make the floor look dull.

  3. Buff the floor dry

    Once the floor is clean, buff it with a microfiber cloth or other absorbent material to dry. Allowing the hardwood floor to air-dry causes streaks and dulls the shine.

  4. Check for wax buildup

    If the floor remains dull, wax buildup might be the problem. Remove the wax using an appropriate commercial product.