How Do Sherwin-Williams Paint Prices Compare With the Industry Average?

Sherwin-Williams paint prices, on average, fall about below-average for the market prices, with brands such as Olympic and Benjamin Moore meeting or rising above in price. Sherwin-Williams semi-gloss paint costs very little, whereas other examples fall higher on the cost scale.

Most paint review websites indicate that Sherwin-Williams falls at or below the average price available on the market for paint prices. These prices vary between their available brands, but they do not climb very high above any particular brand available on the market.

Some brands, such as Behr or Benjamin Moore, cost more or less than Sherwin-Williams paints depending on the type of paint being used. Behr and Benjamin Moore paints cost hundreds of dollars more than Sherwin-Williams when it comes to semi-gloss paints, with Benjamin Moore costing up to $400 dollars depending on the type of paint. When flat or high-gloss paints are used, Behr tends to beat Sherwin-Williams in paint price averages.

Overall, the lowest prices come from Behr, the highest prices come from Benjamin Moore and the middle range is where most Sherwin-Williams paints fall. The Harmony brand of paint, for instance, runs around $40 per gallon, compared to the Behr $23 per gallon and $55 per gallon on the higher end.