What Is a Sheetrock Lift?


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A sheetrock lift is a tool used in construction to hang sheetrock on the ceiling. It raises the sheetrock to the correct height and holds it there until it can be screwed or nailed into place. Sheetrock lifts are operated either manually or by using hydraulics. The lifts can often be rented or purchased from an equipment supply store.

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What Is a Sheetrock Lift?
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Sheetrock lifts can be dangerous if not handled by an experienced construction worker. The sheetrock should be screwed into place as soon as possible to minimize the potential for injury. Enlisting the aid of another person is required for safest operation, though purchased or rented lifts can often be safely operated by one person.

The price of a sheetrock lift can be several hundred dollars. Though renting the equipment brings the cost down, a simple, inexpensive lift can be constructed by creating a T-shaped structure to hold the sheetrock in place. The structure is created by securing a two-by-four piece of wood to the end of a length of wood the height of the ceiling. Another T-shape is then constructed that is identical to the first. The two T-shaped structures are connected with a horizontal length of wood. Once joined, the structure can be used to lift the sheetrock into place.

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