How Do You Sharpen a Paper Cutter Blade?

To sharpen the blade of your paper cutter to get it back to working condition, you need an adjustable wrench, safety glasses, gloves, a mounted vice and a rotary tool with a grinding wheel. Remove the blade, attach it securely to the vice and grind the edge with a diamond-tipped grinding wheel.

  1. Remove the arm blade

    To begin, remove the arm blade of the paper cutter using the adjustable wrench to remove the bolt of the hinge. Be careful when handling the blade, and be sure to keep the bolt somewhere safe.

  2. Secure the blade facing up in your mounted vice

    Next, secure the blade arm in your bench-mounted vice with the blade exposed and facing upwards.

  3. Use your rotary tool to sharpen the blade

    Stand at one end of the blade and turn on your rotary tool. Hold the diamond-tipped grinding wheel at a 20 degree angle to the beveled side of the blade, starting at the opposite end of the blade and moving the tool towards the side where you are standing. Maintain the angle and pressure, and repeat if needed until the blade is sharp. Alternatively, you can use a knife sharpener or a diamond sharpening stick in place of the rotary tool.