How Do You Sharpen a Hedge Trimmer?


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To sharpen a hedge trimmer, secure it in a vise, remove debris with a brush, and stroke the cutting surface with a 10-inch mill file, maintaining the original angle. Remove the rough burr on the other side of the cutting tooth by using flat strokes with the file.

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  1. Prepare the hedge trimmer for sharpening

    Secure the trimmer in a table vise in a position that makes it easy to reach the teeth. Make sure the trimmer is unplugged, and put on safety goggles.

  2. Clean the cutting teeth

    Remove debris from the teeth with a medium-weight brush.

  3. File the first tooth that needs sharpening

    Inspect the teeth for nicks, deep scratches and dull cutting edges. Do not file teeth that look sharp and undamaged. Hold a 10-inch mill file in the groove of the first dull or damaged tooth at the same angle as the original cutting surface. Push the file down to sharpen the edge of the tooth. Repeat about 10 times until the tooth appears sharp.

  4. Remove the burr from the back of the tooth

    Sharpening the tooth makes a rough edge on its opposite side. Hold the file flat against the rough area, and rub until the roughness is gone.

  5. Repeat on all of the dull or damaged teeth

    Continue to work along the cutting bar sharpening the teeth that need it. Nicked teeth may take extra strokes to create a sharp, smooth cutting surface.

  6. Clean the teeth

    Rub both the top and bottom of the teeth with a soft cloth and some multipurpose oil.

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