How Do You Sharpen a Gyro Electric Knife?


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To sharpen an electric gyro knife, with the blade set to its default gauge, oil a sharpening stone and run the blade over the stone for several passes. Use the steel on the inside edge of the running blade to finish the cutting edge. Repeat this process if necessary.

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Electric gyro knives are handheld meat cutting devices with a small diameter blade which spins an angle perpendicular to the handle. The blade is often equipped with a guard or guide that allows the user to set the thickness of the meat being sliced. The guard, blade and handle detach from one another for cleaning and maintenance. Gyro knives are used to cut meat into long, thin slices for use in sandwiches and wraps.

Blade sharpening is one of the most overlooked safety precautions by the average person. A dull blade can slide off of the food being sliced and injure the user. Sharpening stones in combination with a steel rod remain a popular option for sharpening knives of all sizes. Another way to sharpen knives is with the use of a guided sharpening block. These blocks are made with channels cut into them which guide the blade across sharpening surfaces at a predetermined angle.

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