How Do You Sharpen Drill Bits?


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Sharpen drill bits by hand using a bench grinder, where the material removed from the bit is behind the cutting edge of the bit. A specialized tool designed for sharpening drill bits can also be used.

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  1. Place the drill bit on the grinder

    Hold the tip of the bit against the bench grinder wheel, making sure that the cutting edge is held horizontally.

  2. Grind the bit symmetrically

    Start the wheel, turning the bit clockwise to ensure that the right material is ground away. Keep the point centered. Periodically, flip the bit 180 degrees, and hold it in the other hand. This ensures that the entire surface is sharpened.

  3. Inspect the bit tip

    When done properly, the top of the bit has all the burrs and dull edges ground to a sharp point.

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