How Do You Sharpen Chainsaw Chains?


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To sharpen a chainsaw chain, secure the saw to a work bench, attach the file guard, take proper hold of the file, and file in just one direction. Secure the guard in the other direction, and file the other side.

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  1. Secure the chain

    Activate the chain brake. Place the saw on a work bench, and secure it with a vise. Make sure the saw and chain are immobile.

  2. Hold the file correctly

    Select the appropriate round file and gauge for the chain. Hold the handle of the file in your dominant hand, using your other hand to guide it across the cutter.

  3. Place the gauge on the chain

    Put the filing gauge on the chain. Point the arrows on the filing gauge in the direction the chain flows.

  4. Position the file

    Position the file over the master cutter at a 90-degree angle to the guide bar.

  5. File the chain

    While holding the filing gauge, make sure the file is resting on both rollers. Run the file with an even stroke away from you. Lift slightly so the file loses contact with the chain, and pull back.

  6. File every other tooth

    File the tooth until you don't see any dark areas on the cutting edge. Skip the next tooth over. Only file every other tooth.

  7. File the other side

    After filing all the teeth on one side, loosen the vise. Attach the guide bar so that it is pointing in the opposite direction. Tighten the vise again, and file in the same manner from the other side. Continue filing until all the teeth are sharp.

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