How Is a Sharp Microwave Drawer Cleaned?

How Is a Sharp Microwave Drawer Cleaned?

Most parts of a Sharp microwave drawer are cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. Certain sections require a little more care. No household or abrasive cleansers should be used on any part of the appliance.

If the outside of the microwave is metal and plastic, it is wiped with mild soap and water before it gets rinsed, and then dried with a soft cloth. A model with a stainless steel exterior is cleaned with a damp cloth and polished with a dry one. Cleansers developed specifically for stainless steel are safe to use but they should be sprayed onto the cleaning cloth rather than onto the microwave.

The window, touch control panel, interior and drawer guides are simply wiped with a water-dampened cloth and then dried. It is acceptable to deactivate the control panel before cleaning. If the interior requires more cleaning, mild soap is used and then wiped off with another cloth. Chemical oven cleaners are never appropriate for this microwave.

The waveguide cover inside the drawer should be kept clean at all times. Any food spatters should be cleaned with a damp cloth as soon as possible. Food remnants sometimes smoke or catch fire.

If an odor remains inside a microwave, it is cleared by placing 1 cup of water, the juice and peel from a lemon and several whole cloves in a 2-cup microwavable container. This mixture is put into the microwave and boiled at full power for several minutes. The container is removed once cool, and the microwave is ready to wipe down.