What If Your Shark Steamer Isn't Steaming Properly?

If your Shark steamer isn’t steaming properly, check if the water tank has enough water, test the steam output while holding the equipment in the manufacturer’s recommended position if you are using the handheld mode, and clean the nozzle if the problem persists. Each Shark steamer model has a troubleshooting guide that differs from others based on the product's features. For the best results, follow the guide in the product’s manual, which is available on Shark’s website.

Before using a Shark steamer, make sure the tank has enough water. Using the tank without water increases the chance of damaging the equipment while little water also hampers the steaming process. Unplug the mop from the outlet before refilling the tank. When being used for the first time, the steamer takes longer to steam than the expected normal time.

Holding the steamer in the correct position when using the unit in handheld mode ensures the equipment steams optimally.

A clogged or stained nozzle prevents the steamer from working properly. To remove mineral deposits from your Shark steam, unplug the steamer from the source of electricity, and detach the mop head from the rest of the equipment. Allow the parts to cool. Carefully insert a thin metal wire into the nozzle, and scrap the wire along the sides of the orifice to remove deposits.

Using hard water encourages the buildup of mineral deposits on the nozzle and other parts of the steam, causing equipment malfunction. If this problem is severe, switch to distilled water.