How Does a Shark Steam Cleaner Work?

A Shark steam cleaner works by turning the ordinary tap water into fully sanitized superheated steam that helps loosen dirt. The heat dislodges the dirt that can be easily removed with Shark’s ultra-absorbent washable micro fiber pad. Users can also apply Shark’s biodegradable cleanser for tough stains on the floor prior to applying steam.

The Shark Life-Away Professional Steam Pocket mop features three different steam settings: Dust, Mop and Scrub. Users can switch to the desired setting according to the floor type and cleaning requirements. This model also comes with a removable handheld steamer and attachments such as a direct steam nozzle, flat scrubber tool and accessory hose. With the steam pocket and intelligent steam control features, this mop offers efficient and versatile cleaning.

Shark’s Steam & Spray mop produces steam with initial pumping of the handle and adjusts according to the user’s mopping action. This model features swivel steering and ergonomic handle that allows convenient maneuverability. This product also comes with Shark’s hard floor cleanser and washable and disposable pads.

Shark offers different types of hard floor cleaning products, including Steam Pocket, Steam & Spray and Steam with Easy Spray. The initial use of these steam cleaners may cause streaking or clouding due to residues from previous cleaning chemicals. Regular use of the steam mop eliminates these effects.